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Our Staff

Paul Turner:
Paul is vice president and part-owner of Boyd Insurance Agency, Inc. He was a chemist before entering the insurance industry in 1999, and he has found the chemistry of insurance to be much to his liking. Given a complex insurance situation Paul can solve most any problem using the elements that are available in today's marketplace. Paul specializes in commercial accounts, including small and mid-market businesses, commercial auto and workers comp. He also oversees the entire Massachusetts agency operation which he manages on a daily basis.

Christine Flintoff
Chris has been with Boyd Insurance Agency, Inc. for 23 years, and she had 10 years experience with another major insurance company before working with us. Chris is a very knowledgable insurance professional who handles all lines of insurance. She prefers personal lines, which includes insurance for your home, auto, recreational vehicles, secondary dwellings and rental properties. However, Chris can also help you with your small business insurance needs. If you call the office and ask for Chris, she can quote your auto, home, boat or small business insurance in a matter of minutes.
Diane Benoit:
Diane has been with Boyd Insurance Agency since 2003. Before coming to Boyd Insurance, Diane worked with Bruno Insurance Agency for apporximately 20 years. Boyd Insurance acquired Bruno in January of that year, and Diane has been with us ever since. Diane manages personal and small business accounts. She also handles our employer-sponsored group auto and homeowner insurance accounts. If you have any questions regarding your home, auto, small business or employer-sponsored group accounts, Diane is the person to call.
Mary Malone:
Mary Malone has been with Boyd Insurance Agency since 1993. Prior to that Mary had worked with Conway Insurance Agency for over 20 years. Boyd Insurance acquired Conway Insurance in October of that year. Although Mary is licensed to write all lines of insurance in Massachusetts, her principal function in the agency has become bookkeeping because of the many agency acquisitions and mergers that have been made over the years. With her knowledge of insurance and our agency management system, Mary is able to account for the ever increasing number of insurance transactions in all of our office locations.
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